Withdrawal From Sex Addiction

When I came to SA and stopped feeding my lust, I experienced significant withdrawal  symptoms. I experienced emotional ups and downs, fatigue, sleeplessness, grief, rage, difficulty concentrating, etc.  So I appreciated the reminder today that sexaholism is a real addiction with real withdrawal symptoms.  I think one reason withdrawal took me by surprise is that I thought lust was a moral issue, and I just needed to quit doing it.  But I've discovered that there is more to sexaholism that immorality. For me it is an illness (very similar to alcoholism) that requires treatment.  

The good news is that if I commit myself to the SA way of life (including the SA sobriety definition) I can find freedom from those withdrawal symptoms and I can learn to live happy, joyous, and free. I would encourage anyone going through early stages of withdrawal to take good care of yourself, reach out for help, pray even if you don't think it will work--and don't quit before the miracle happens.