Why we call ourselves sexaholics

We members of Sexaholics Anonymous call ourselves sexaholics because we know our problem is much bigger than sex, just as problem drinkers call themselves alcoholics because they know their problem is much bigger than alcohol. For us, sex/alcohol is but a symptom of a much graver underlying disease: addiction to lust. 

For us sexaholics the number one challenge is dealing with our lustful thinking and behaviour. That is why in SA meetings you will usually hear people identify thenselves either as sexaholics or sometimes as lustaholics...only rarely as sex addicts.

Members of other S fellowships tend to identify as Sex Addicts or Sex and Love Addicts or Sexual Compulsives, reflecting the fact that they all consider that sex is the problem, not what lies beneath it: Lust.  

Sexaholics Anonymous is the only S fellowship to place such an emphasis on the power of lust to destroy our lives. Through surrendering that lust to our HP, we open ourselves to a new life beyond our wildest dreams. 

Welcome to SA!