What if the SA Meeting Preamble read like this?

We are gathered here because we are faced with the fact that we are powerless over lust and unable to do anything about it without the help of a Power greater than ourselves. We feel that each person's religious views, if any, are his own affair. The simple purpose of the program of Sexaholics Anonymous is to show what may be done to enlist the aid of a Power greater than ourselves regardless of what our individual conception of that Power may be.  
In order to form a habit of depending upon and referring all we do to that Power, we must at first apply ourselves with some diligence. By often repeating these acts, they become habitual and the help rendered becomes natural to us.  

We have all come to know that as lust addicts we are suffering from a serious illness for which medicine has no cure. Our condition may be the result of an allergy which makes us different from other people. It has never been, by any treatment with which we are familiar, permanently cured. The only relief we have to offer is abstinence from lust.  
There are no dues or fees. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop lusting and become sexually sober. Each member squares his debt by helping others to recover.
An SA member is a lust addict who, through application and adherence to the SA program, has forsworn the use of any and all sex other than with spouse. The moment he engages in sexual activity other than with spouse, he or she automatically loses all status as a member of Sexaholics Anonymous.  SA is not interested in sobering up lust drunks who are not sincere in their desire to remain sober for all time. Not being reformers, we offer our experience only to those who want it.  
We have a way out on which we can absolutely agree and on which we can join in harmonious action. Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our program. Those who do not recover are people who will not or simply cannot give themselves to this simple program. Now you may like this program or you may not, but the fact remains, it works. It is our only chance to recover.  
There is a vast amount of fun in the SA fellowship. Some people might be shocked at our seeming worldliness and levity, but just underneath there lies a deadly earnestness and a full realization that we must put first things first and with each of us the first thing is our lust problem. To lust is to die. Faith must work twenty-four hours a day in and through us or we perish.
In order to set our tone for this meeting I ask that we bow our heads in a few moments of silent prayer and meditation.  
I wish to remind you that whatever is said at this meeting expresses our own individual opinion as of today and up to this moment. We do not speak for SA as a whole and you are free to agree or disagree as you see fit. In fact, it is suggested that you pay no attention to anything which might not be reconciled with what is in the SA White Book.  
If you don't have a White Book, it's time you bought you one. Read it, study it, live with it, lend it, scatter it, and then learn from it what it means to be an SA.

With acknowledgements to the original Wilmington AA Preamble