Sobriety: 2 years                         Term: 2 years

A properly functioning treasury is vital for the Group and for SA as a whole. Without the proper organization of funds, our Group would have no meeting place to gather or receive newcomers, no literature, no telephone helpline and no local, regional or national service structure.

  • The treasurer is responsible for collecting, recording and distributing the Group's finances.
  • After each meeting the treasurer collects the money from the pot, counts it and deposits it in the Group's bank account (which is also the treasurer's responsibility).
  • The treasurer reimburses those who have spent money on the Group's behalf e.g. Tea people. Receipts need to be checked and excessive expenditure confronted.
  • Records (e.g. cash book, receipts, bank statements) of all the Group's outgoings and incomings must be kept ready for audit by the Group at any time. It is important that the books balance correctly.
  • The treasurer is expected to give a detailed report of the Group's finances covering the previous six weeks at each regular GSC meeting. This will include a suggestion for the Group's next contribution to IG. The treasurer often needs to suggest this contribution some weeks in advance of the next IG meeting.
  • The Group's donation is whatever remains after all imminent expenditure, such as rent, and the agreed prudent reserve have been deducted.
  • The Group's prudent reserve is [Amount]
  • The treasurer is also responsible for paying rent to the landlord. This may be by monthly cheque, weekly cash payments, bank standing order or direct debit.
  • The treasurer is a signatory on the Group's cheque book, along with two long-sober Group members. Two signatures are needed on every cheque presented.
  • The treasurer checks each literature order and issues a cheque to the literature person. Having provided the initial cash float to the literature person, the treasurer monitors this and provides change when required.
  • The treasurer should bank cash regularly, normally once a week.
  • The treasurer needs to understand Tradition Seven well and, if the pot is getting low, remind the members of their responsibility to the Group and to whole of the SA service structure.
  • The treasurer is a voting member of the GSC.

This position is not suitable for everyone. The ability to make financial calculations and to deal comfortably with other people's money is required. Two years of continuous sobriety and personal solvency are desirable. The outgoing treasurer is responsible for inducting the incoming treasurer.

If you cannot attend a meeting, ensure that the GSR is notified and that a suitable person is charged with your duties, for example a previous treasurer or GSR. Such a deputy needs to be properly briefed, however, as changes may have been instigated since they last did the job.