These people are successfully sober

Sexaholics Anonymous was designed and developed by people far wiser than myself.  Members who struggled, certainly, but members that I would call successful in that struggle.  I may not like all the guidelines. I may not understand them. I may not agree with them. It may not "feel" right to me.  But these people are much more successful than I am. Who am I to argue?  I am thankful that I have a resource to help me through these challenges.

Another nugget of wisdom is that Sexaholics Anonymous is full of imperfect men and women.  It is full of damaged people.  People just like me.  People who struggle. People who fall. People who pick themselves back up and keep climbing that mountain. To say that this is encouraging is an understatement. It is simply awesome!

So today, I am encouraged that I am in the company of imperfect, hard working, kind, caring people.  People who are far wiser than myself.  People who, if I am smart, I will listen to. I will follow their advice. And I will have a better life as a result.