Thank God for Sexaholics Anonymous

I relapsed in January 2009, when coming back from an Sexaholics Anonymous International Convention. At the time, embracing the “little, ordinary, silly life” seemed too hard for me. It still seems so at times. And sometimes I still have a tough time accepting life on life's terms. But that has gotten easier from year to year. Today, most of the time, I prefer my life as it is over the fantasy lives that my mind would create in a few seconds. I love the routine, structure, and order of my life today. Those three words would only annoy me in the past.

I love waking up at 6-6:30 now. I love starting my day by calling on my Creator on my knees. I love to read something spiritually nourishing every day. I love attending four to five meetings per week. I love being on my own. The silence. The order in my meals. Keeping promises. Being a person that other people can count on. Being someone who delivers what he promises. I love simplicity, clarity, straightforwardness. I love being at home. I love getting to sleep on time. I love sitting on a bench in a park and read a book. I love to walk in nature. Thank God for Sexaholics Anonymous!