Tea People

Sobriety: Varies                       Term: 6 months

Arrive promptly one hour before the meeting begins.

Tea One is responsible for the smooth running of this commitment every week.  This involves:

  • Washing and bringing the Group's tea towels
  • Buying tea, coffee, sugar, milk, biscuits, etc.
  • Providing cleaning products: washing up liquid and floor cleaner.

Make sure that you obtain separate receipts for those items that you buy for the Group. (Don't mix them with your personal shopping). Hand these receipts to the treasurer at the end of the meeting, for reimbursement.  

On arriving, begin preparing the kitchen for service:

  • Fill the kettles and switch them on
  • Put out cups, coffee, sugar, etc.
  • Ensure the urn has been filled and switched on by Tea Two (see below).
  • Put out tea spoons and tea towels
  • Rinse and then fill both tea pots (15 tea bags and two kettles of water)
  • Refill both kettles for making coffee.
  • Open and put out the milk.

Both tea people are to serve refreshments. Please be courteous.

  • Open the hatch ready for service by [45 mins before start] at the latest.
  • From [30 mins before start] begin washing up if you are free.
  • At [start time minus 15] place water jugs and glasses on the top table.
  • At [start time minus 5] close the kitchen and switch off all sockets except for the fridge.

After the meeting:

  • Collect cups, jugs and glasses.
  • Wash up and pack up.
  • Collect the tea towels. Ensure they are washed ready for next week.
  • Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
  • Check everything is clean and all switches are off (apart from the fridge).

It is Tea One's responsibility to ensure that the kitchen runs smoothly and safely. Only two people are allowed in the kitchen while refreshments are being served before the meeting.  After the meeting, other Group members may enter the kitchen to help with washing up.  The cleaners also need access to the mops and brooms at this time.

Ensure that all tea commitment equipment is taken away at the end of the meeting, including cleaning materials.


Tea Two has the task of assisting Tea One with their commitment.

Specific duties to Tea Two are:

  • Fill and switch on the urn.
  • Put out the cups and biscuits.
  • Refill the kettles and switch them on.
  • Ensure that the coffee, sugar and spoons are out.
  • Make and serve the coffee.
  • Mop the floors.
  • After the meeting, help with washing up and packing away the tea equipment.