Workshop Q&A

Two Day 12 Step Workshop for SA Members

What is the aim?   To work all 12 Steps in two days and so experience a spiritual awakening. This is usually experienced as a profound change in feelings, thinking, attitudes or beliefs.

How is this done?   Steps 1-8 and 10-12 will actually be fully worked over the two days. Step 9 will be begun but not finished. After the workshop, it is recommended that participants complete Step 9 with their sponsor, as soon as possible, and continue to work Steps 10-12, on a daily basis.

What’s involved?   As described in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 Steps are a series of actions, which include praying, meditating, writing and sharing. All such actions are voluntary. Participants may baulk at any of the Steps, though this is not recommended. Anyone who does, is welcome to remain in the workshop - as an observer - or to leave, as preferred.

Who can attend?   The only requirement for attendance at this workshop is a desire to stop lusting and become sexually sober. It is preferable, but not essential, that each participants have completed a written Step 1 with their SA sponsor and shared this in their home group before attending the workshop. It is not possible to just do Day 2, as materials prepared on Day 1 are needed on Day 2.

How much does it cost?   The actual cost of running the workshop is simply shared equally among the participants. Costs normally include the workshop leader’s travel and accommodation, venue hire, workbooks and refreshments. There is no charge for the Step work itself. Money is usually collected on the first day.

Workbooks?   These are 24 page loose leaf A4 documents, in which participants do their written work. Notebooks are not required. Bring something to write with. Extra copies of the worksheets can be downloaded here at any time.

Meals & refreshments?   There will be refreshment breaks from time to time, with simple refreshments available throughout. Packed lunches should be brought on both days, unless catering is provided. On the first day, lunch is eaten in silence, in the middle of an extended period of writing.

Timings and timekeeping?   The Steps can only be done in their correct order, so it is essential to attend all sessions on time. Missed Steps cannot be caught up once the group has moved on. The workshop spans a total of 16 hours, including breaks. Typical schedules include:

  • Day 1 Steps 0-5 in 10 hours from 9am-6pm.
  • Day 2 Steps 6-12 in 6 hours from 9am-3pm
    • or
  • Day 1 (evening) Steps 0-2 in 2 hours from 8pm-10pm
  • Day 2 Steps 3-7 in 10 hours from 9am-6pm
  • Day 3 Steps 8-12 in 4 hours from 9am-1pm

Dress, contact and boundaries?   Please dress in a manner that is respectful of others and gain consent before touching or hugging another person. All activities are voluntary. Temporary sponsors will be available.

Minimum and maximum participants?   Minimum 4. There is no maximum..

What criteria should attendees meet?   Ideally, they should already have an SA home group, have obtained an SA sponsor, have completed a written Step 1 and have shared this with other SA members. Knowledge of English is desirable but translators are provided, when necessary.

Who should probably not attend?   Anyone who believes they can still control lust or who still wants to have lust in their lives.

Any preparations?   As many people as possible should have completed their Step 1 in SA, as above. That is all.

Can I listen to a workshop online?   Click here to listen to a Step Workshop in English only.    English & Spanish    English & French


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