Step by Step

Yet Another Step In SA Recovery

At a recent Sexaholics Anonymous meeting, we were studying Step Nine on making amends. Afterwards a friend and former sponsor gave me the idea to reflect on an interesting question: "How do I make amends to myself?"  The short answer is by working the next three Steps: Steps Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. Step Ten helps me to keep the slate clean and keeps me headed in a positive direction. Step Eleven supercharges my life by improving my contact with my Higher Power--and when I am in touch with my Higher Power, my peace, strength, and emotional balance grow and blossom. Step Twelve gives me a whole new purpose and vision for my life. I can become a miracle worker by sharing the miracle of recovery with others.

The Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book” reminds me that my problem is one of "self-will run riot." Often I tend to do things on my own, instead of asking my Higher Power or others for guidance or help.  Step Three involves turning my will and my life over to the care of God as we understand Him. Step Eleven reminds me to pray only for knowledge of God's will for me and the power to carry that out.  These are such simple ideas, yet I so often overlook or forget them. So often I think about what I need to do today. I need to ask, "God, what do you want you and me to do together today?"

The Spiritual Awakening of Sexaholics Anonymous

This morning I was thinking about the signs of a spiritual awakening. We read about a spiritual awakening in Step Twelve.  When I physically wake up, I see things much differently than when I am asleep and dreaming. A spiritual awakening lets my spirit see things differently. The world becomes more positive instead of negative. In the light of the spirit, I can see myself and others with compassion and understanding. In the darkness of despair, I see only shadows and sense dangers. But in the light of the spirit I see hope and possibilities. The serenity, courage, and, wisdom mentioned in the Serenity Prayer can be signs of spiritual awakening. And the peace in my heart and moments of joy with my friends, my family, and my Sexaholics Anonymous fellows are also signs of a gradual spiritual awakening.

12 Stepper's Inventory