Staying Sexually Sober Through Sexaholic Anonymous

Hi everyone. My ambition today is to stay sober today and get to bed sober tonight.  It's my last day in the Holy Land after a wonderful Sexaholics Anonymous convention--that was a great spiritual experience! This afternoon I fly back home to the UK. I usually find airports and airplanes challenging because I'm a world-class luster, and maintaining custody of my eyes is quite difficult.  Praying helps me, especially this simple prayer, "I'm powerless, please God help me.” No lust temptation is able to resist this prayer, if I just keep saying it for long enough. I will also try to remember to pray for those I am tempted to lust after, "God may she have in her life all that I would wish for in my own.”

Thank you for letting me share. (Sexually sober since 1995)