Spiritual Awakening

Having had a Spiritual Awakening

In the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous, I have something to share with my fellow members that even some doctors can't give. I can share my own personal experience, strength, and hope. I can allow others to see in me a spiritual awakening.

I have learned that we sexaholics understand each other because of our shared experiences. We can share what worked for us in order to get sexually sober, as well as what did not help. We can share hope and identification. We can see ourselves in the sharing of others. We can understand some of the pain and difficulties others are having. We grow through the hearing the advice and encouragement of my fellow members.

This morning I was reading about the spiritual awakening that I am promised in recovery. Through SA, I have discovered that I am no longer the center of the universe. But I have also discovered that I am no longer alone and unloved. My Higher Power loves me and cares for me. Before I found SA, I felt hopeless and helpless, but now I have found both hope and help. In my sex addiction, my life seemed meaningless and I was headed for disaster. Now that I am sexually sober, I am discovering new meaning and purpose in my life. This is a spititual awakening.

Through the Fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous I Have Purpose In Life

Today I was remembering that I don't have to act on my feelings. For example, when my alarm clock sounded this morning, I still felt sleepy. But I got up and made coffee and went to church. I knew I would be blessed by the message, and I was. Similarly, if I am angry or worried or depressed, I don't have to let those feelings dictate what I will do or feel that day.

This program gives me freedom. My Higher Power gives me wisdom. The fellowship gives me support.

Thank you, Higher Power, for allowing me to awaken spiritually through Sexaholics Anonymous

Maintaining a fit spiritual condition