Sober At Church

A Poor Church Mouse Becomes Rich

When I was active in my sex addiction, I was excommunicated from the church that I belonged to. But after six years in Sexaholics Anonymous recovery, I was finally able to let go of my resentments and misunderstandings, and then I was blessed with the opportunity to rejoin my church--and  I for that I am very grateful. The members of my church are amazingly imperfect.  I love them because they remind me of myself when I was looking for the answer, but I could not find any answers until I found SA.  Now I have many Twelfth Step opportunities almost every week.  My Higher Power knows where I can best be of service, and He helps me thrive wherever He plants me.

Working the Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous Has Changed My Life

I have been blessed daily as I continue to learn to forgive my imperfect church and its imperfect members, and to embrace the truth that I can find with my Higher Power’s help.  I cannot stay sexually sober if I have resentments toward anyone or anything, so I ask my Higher Power daily to help me forgive.  I cannot afford to let anger toward organized religion destroy my recovery.  I ask my Higher Power to take away any resentments, because I know that resentments will destroy my serenity.  I ask the same things for institutions, governments, businesses, the places I work, the people I work with, etc.  The list seems endless and overwhelming sometimes, but as I learn to let go I find peace--much more than I have ever felt it before. Today, I can sit in silence and be happy.  Today if I were confined to solitary confinement--as I was once--I would be able to accept that.  I'm grateful for working the Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous, which has made all these changes in me possible.  I'm also grateful for the agnostics who learn to find a loving God of their understanding in this amazing fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous.

The messy path to peace    Grateful for the Fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous