Share Finder

Sobriety: 1 year                             Term: 1 year

  • Arrange the main sharers for Group meetings.
  • Visit other meetings to seek out appropriate sharers.
  • Keep a diary containing the following information:​
    • Future sharers.
    • Previous sharers.
    • Telephone numbers.
    • Who is celebrating a sobriety anniversary and when.
    • Record who shares when, to avoid repetition.
  • Telephone two days before the share date to remind the person that they are sharing.
  • If a sharer hasn’t arrived by [15 minutes before start time], ask a home Group member to get ready to stand in.
  • Inform the Secretary who the sharer is. Introduce the sharer to the Secretary on arrival.
  • The meeting on the last [Wednesday] of each month has four sharers - three who share for 10 minutes each and one who speaks for 20 minutes. The Secretary has the final say on the order of sharing but will normally follow your advice.
  • Home Group members are not asked to share until they have completed Step 5 and have their sponsor's approval to share.
  • Ask Group members to help you by giving you the names and phone numbers of outside sharers who carry a good SA message.