Sexual Sobriety: What Works for Me

I am a person who is easily influenced by places, people, and things. I am not free to not be influenced, but I am free to choose which places, people, and things I allow to influence me. I came to Sexaholics Anonymous wanting sexual sobriety and recovery for myself, by choosing to be influenced by places, people and things that enhance my recovery. My first year-and-a half in SA,  I made seven  to 15 phone calls a day to sober members. I started sponsoring as soon as I had three months of sobriety,  and I have had as many sponsees as I could handle (5-6). I attended four to five meetings per week, and did daily service. I avoided the city of my main acting out for a year. I did not have a computer or smartphone for the first one-and-a-half years. I socialized with fellows who wanted recovery. I read from the AA or SA literature each day--and that is like listening to a person who wants recovery.  I have attended conventions and workshops, five to ten per year.  I do not watch television, read magazines, or listen to the radio, as each of these feeds the addict in me. I also went to Nashville for three months to Nashville to attend three meetings daily.

Today I have became a person who wants sexual sobriety and recovery for himself. But I am the same easily influenced  man, and I need therefore to continue doing on a daily basis what has worked these first months and couple of years of sobriety.