Sexual Sobriety Just for Today Through Sexaholics Anonymous

Just for today I will be happy.

I will have no expectations nor will I make any demands today. I will give up my need to “know” anything or “understand” anything. Instead, I will pause and seek the will and guidance of God, which will come to me intuitively if I just become still and quiet.

God, help me to accept that I don't know everything, that You will reveal to me that which I need to know, and that knowing doesn't give me control. Please guide me to seek to connect with You instead of trying to figure everything out by myself. Please inspire me, today, to occasionally stop and find gratitude for all the things You do for me, to accept that Your plans are in my best interest, and to let the tumult of the world flow around me.

Thank you all for another day in the sunlight of the spirit, which I have experienced only through the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous.