Sexual Sobriety - A Gift

Sexual Sobriety is the greatest gift

I’m grateful today to have received the gift of sexual sobriety through Sexaholics Anonymous. I needed to travel to a large city where I lived in the past. I went to university there, and I had a lot of mixed feelings about being there--some good, and some not so good. But I found that the SA “Solution” works in this town too. While I was there, I prayed the Serenity Prayer, met with others, and spent some time building positive relationships from the past.

Surrendering Fear

I did have some fear that I would bump into a person who I had wronged in my addiction. And then I thought "Well, I'm not on Step Nine yet. If I find that I need to address this person, I will just have to come back to town and do it” (with God’s help of course). And it felt really good to have the Solution of the Twelve Steps concerning this. I feel good to have a plan of action now--orderly direction for my life that I can trust will work if I am willing to do my part. And that gave me peace today--just for today, one day at a time. I am very grateful to be a part of the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous. Experience  shared is such a great help on this path, especially when I am traveling! I am extremely grateful for the fellowship of SA.

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