Sexual Sobriety Depends on My Relationship With God

I feel a bit down today, because for the second week in a row I was alone in the Sexaholics Anonymous meeting room. I feel resentment towards several members of our group, because I imagine that I won't be able to keep on recovering without a steady, stable home group. I also imagine that I am the one making these members run away (which is quite self-centered, isn't it?). I believe that one of my sponsees who just called me lied about the reason why he couldn't come to the meeting. Finally, I have a resentment for the person for whom we changed the day of the meeting two months ago, and who hasn't come since--even once.

God, help me to accept these fellows with their imperfections and hesitations. May my recovery depend on my relationship with You and my improvement in my honesty, generosity, humility, selflessness, serenity, fearlessness, empathy, consideration.