Sexual Sobriety Celebration

Celebrating One Year of Sexual Sobriety

Today I am celebrating one year of sexual sobriety--365 days, one day at a time--and I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on what has been working for me, and to recognize the good things that have come into my life this year because of the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous..
My first recovery meeting was in late 2013. But I moved several times and thus made excuses for not getting a sponsor or working Steps (although I did attend meetings). But then about a year ago, I realized that the people around me who were working the Steps were getting recovery and I was not.  So I decided to get a sponsor and commit to working the Steps. Then I was told to be humble and open-minded, and to follow directions. Some directions included:

  • Attending three meetings per week
  • Making three calls each day
  • Getting up an hour earlier than usual, to prepare for the day, study, and meditate
  • Doing Step work daily
  • Serving others

I cannot think of any big thing that I did, but God was doing for me what I could not do for myself. One of the biggest miracles I have experienced is consistency. Before I came to Sexaholics Anonymous, the only thing that I was consistent about was my sexual acting out. Now I am finding the strength to continue daily habits of positive actions. I owe this victory to my Higher Power and to my fellows in my SA group, who have allowed me to stay in the middle of the pack. I love that my Higher Power is able to provide EXACTLY what I need 24 hours at a time. May I submit to His will daily.

Learning to Love, Forgive and Be Grateful

I am also learning to see those around me as people to be loved rather than problems to be solved. I don't have to waste so much energy trying to control everyone and everything around me. I am striving to be useful to God and my fellows by surrendering my defects as they get in the way.  I am learning to forgive and love myself and others.  But mostly I am learning that I have a lot to be grateful for--and mostly I'm grateful today to be a part of this wonderful program of Sexaholics Anonymous, which is truly saving my life!

Gratitude for a new life