Sexual compulsivity

It's important to understand the two forms of alcoholism - adolescent and adult. In prison, about 50% of the men are under 30 years of age and have been drinking since they were ten. Most of them have major sexual compulsivity problems. Is this because they didn't do their initial sexual inventory? Have they not looked in a concerted way at the problem? Is it a different disease or a similar disease presenting in a different fashion? I'm not sure anyone is smart enough to make that call and I don't know that it matters.

When asked, “How can you tell whether someone is an alcoholic?”, I say, “I don't know”. Winston Churchill drank two quarts of whisky a night for 50 years, was he an alcoholic? Those of us who imagine we are addiction specialists like to get together and debate this but actually there is no answer. We can each come up with an opinion but there is no certain answer. So, if I don’t know if someone is an alcoholic or not, I just treat them as if they were an alcoholic; that way they end up doing better than they've ever done before.