Sexaholics Anonymous Teaches Me To Be Humble

I want to surrender my right to be right and remember to be humble instead. I'm in Europe now, having flown here for two days, and then I will turn around and travel back to the US with my wife and daughter--from whom I've been separated for over a year. They are coming for a month, and this is beyond a miracle.  I need to remember that and not jump ahead to complacency, or believe that "It's all okay and back to normal now."

I also need to avoid the temptation to think that I deserve some kind of medal for flying here-- and actually that sort of attitude has upset my wife a bit. She seems to see my travel  as a bit of my old controlling ways. I need to surrender the right to be self-righteous about anything and just learn to  be humble. And of course--no matter what--I must NOT give myself permission to take that drink of lust that can be so easy to reach for. Today I need to build trust with my wife, and I ask my Higher Power to help me do so.  I am grateful for all of my fellows in Sexaholics Anonymous who have taught me these things.