Sexaholics Anonymous: A Spiritual Program of Recovery

As a member of Sexaholics Anonymous, I work my spiritual program of recovery in the way described in Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as AA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Like AA, SA is a program of rigorous honesty, so if I notice some compulsive behaviour in myself, I talk that through with my sponsor. For example, I recently tried to abstain from sugars and wheat on my own, as a Step Nine amends. This worked for only one month, so then I talked with my sponsor again, and he helped me to decide how resolve it. I was to talk with my wife about which food-issue fellowship to join, because one of the programs would affect her kitchen. Then I did as she chose.

If I notice compulsive behaviour in any way, and I am willing to change, then I apply the solution. Willingness without action is just a fantasy; I would just be daydreaming about solving the problem. I needed to get some tools from my fellows in SA to make my powerlessness into true action. In the case of alcohol, I had surrendered that to God much before I joined Sexaholics Anonymous, and that worked for me. And when addressing more triggers, I sometimes feel that it could be a good idea to go to AA from time to time, in addition to talking with my SA sponsor. Things that are most helpful to my sex addiction recovery are:

- Honesty

- Talking to my Sponsor

- Working my program 100%

- Being ready to go any lengths to get "overall" sobriety.