Sexaholics Anonymous in Slovenia

Today I am grateful to God for 177 days of consecutive sexual sobriety. This is the longest real sobriety I’ve had in the last 20 years. I started looking for a solution 18 years ago. Eleven years ago I read a book that gave a name to my problem with compulsive masturbation, watching pornography, reading erotic literature, and fantasizing and objectifying women. I certainly still feel powerless over lust, and I can stay sober only if I immediately ask God for help. I also feel powerless about my future and my work, but after completing my Third Step, I feel more peace, because I have surrendered my life and will to God.


Our Sexaholics Anonymous fellowship in Slovenia is growing and we would be very grateful if anyone who speaks Slovenian, Croatian, or Serbian could help us, because we have three new members who do not speak English, and they all need temporary sponsors. If anyone is available to help, please let us know