Sexaholics Anonymous Keeps Me Sober

Here is how recovery has worked for me: I needed to join the Sexaholics Anonymous fellowship, get a sponsor, work the Steps, and do service--otherwise I cannot really recover from lust. I have learned that if I start entertaining fantasies, dropping meetings, forgetting my prayers, holding on to resentments, or  keeping secrets and telling lies, then lust will soon be knocking on my door.  Lust actually wants me dead, but ludy would probably be content with having me exiled from my Higher Power.

To avoid getting caught by lust (as well as resentment and ego), I start every day with prayer and meditation, and I spend at least 10 minutes meditating on all the things I have to be grateful for in my life--from the big ones (sobriety, health, family) to the most mundane (kettle to make coffee and clean socks). I do daily Step work (I’m currently working on Step Ten). I have service positions in meetings, Intergroup, and conference committees. I work with SA sponsees daily, and I speak with my sponsor several times a week. A day doesn't go by without me being in contact with another member of the fellowship. I start my day with working the Sexaholics Anonymous program and I end my day with working the program. After all that, I accept with that God, as I understand Him, is keeping me sober and out of the prison that sex addiction put me in.