In Sexaholics Anonymous, I Am Not Alone

Today I went to the police station, again, to bring the evidence of the time that I was sexually abused by my therapist. I pressed charges almost two years ago, but the state prosecution takes forever to catch up. They have lost the evidence I gave them, twice. And today I also added a few more testimonies that I did not include the last time. This wasn't easy for me, and I’ve been a bit shut down since this morning. I also had a few lust thoughts, to look for handsome men online. Thank God I didn't do that, but I feel pain deep in my chest, even though my mind tells me that everything is okay.

I am completely powerless, and I don't know what to do. My wife is a bit angry and depressed--not related to me--but I felt a bit alone because she doesn’t have the resources to support me emotionally. She did come to pick me up from the Sexaholics Anonymous meeting that I went to today, just because I asked and needed it. But she could not overcome her own stress and be there emotionally for me. I accept that, but I also feel sad. Still, I know that in the the SA fellowship, I'm not alone. I know that I have you all. Thank God for Sexaholics Anonymous!