Sexaholics Anonymous Helps Me Handle My Fears

I want to share my fears. My wife is having a hard time at work these days. Her work environment is very difficult, and after a year of pain and fear, she finally wants to quit. I have tried to support her at all times and not judge her, but I'm afraid she is doing the wrong thing. Will she find a better job? What would our financial situation be like if she quits?

So that's it, here are my self-centered fears:

  • What will others think of her/us?
  • Can we live with less money?
  • What if she gets bored and depressed?
  • Maybe I'm not a good enough husband?

Here is what I have learned in Sexaholics Anonymous recovery:

  • I have a new employer: God. He knows what is best for me. Today, I truly believe this.
  • If I can't manage my own life, I surely can't manage others’ lives.
  • I'm need to do the best "husband work" I can by encouraging, supporting, and listening to my wife. Giving orders, resenting, and being a “know it all” are not part of my role!
  • I'm currently providing 70% of our income, so we will be fine.
  • My wife has a loving and caring God Who will take care of her. I'm not her Higher Power.
  • I need to share my defects, pray, and let things go.

I’m grateful for Sexaholics Anonymous because I can't make it alone. But with God and the fellowship of SA, I'm in a good place today. Apparently, for some weird reason, God loves me even when I'm self centered. He's here waiting for me to reach out to Him and reconnect. My God is so busy loving and forgiving me that He has no time left to judge and punish me.