Sexaholics Anonymous has Taught me to Feel Real Feelings

When I was younger, I made it a point of pride to not acknowledge emotions. This seemed the right way to do things (thank you Star Trek), it was the way things were done in my house, and it was an escape from painful feelings. As I grew older and found some emotions that I wanted to experience (such as love and joy), I had to work out an incomplete facsimile of what I thought feelings should look like. Repressing my feelings left me with a large hole inside that I tried in vain to fill with fake emotion, lust instead of love, and highs instead of joy. But through SA, my Higher Power has shown me that it's okay for me to feel real emotions.

God, please help me to accept all of my emotions (pleasant and painful), to be a whole person, and to be present in the real world--not just faking my way through the day. Please Inspire me to allow myself to be vulnerable, and in doing so form true bonds with You and my fellows. Thank you for my sobriety today!