Sexaholics Anonymous Has Taught Me to Do the Right Thing

I was exhausted after doing a Ninth Step for my wife.  I had organized a thoughtful birthday for her:  I cooked dinner, wrote her a card, and designed a personalized game for us both.  We played the game, and my wife was very moved--after years of birthdays going past without much action on my part. However, as I was thinking about going to sleep, I realized that I had a job that I had promised my boss would be finished by 8am the next morning (10 hours later!). So I surrendered to God’s will and took responsibility.  I worked on my laptop at home and invited God into this work--which thankfully is fairly easy, with good pay. My old nature would have been to call the guy at 8:00 the next morning and make up some excuse for not doing the job on time.

Thanks to God and to Sexaholics Anonymous, I had the willingness to do the job.