Sexaholics Anonymous Gives Me Freedom From Lust

"Who cares to admit complete defeat?" Not me! I sure didn't--not until I had no choice. I don't think I really got all the way to the full and complete acceptance of my powerlessness (complete defeat) over lust until some time during my Step Four inventory process. I was still clinging to a belief that there was something I could do to take control over lust. At the suggestion of my Sexaholics Anonymous sponsor, I did an inventory on my ongoing fear of losing my sobriety (after something like six months of sobriety). That brought me face-to-face with the delusion I still had: that I would be able to fight lust at some level, and win the fight. But that is insanity! The evidence was obvious that I had no power, but I had been blind to my true condition.

Who cares to admit complete defeat? Now, I do! I'm very happy and willing to admit defeat today. It was the key to a freedom from lust that I could not get to without that admission. It was the key to a relationship of complete trust in God, that He could and would keep me sober from lust, if I surrendered my lust and will and life to Him.

The Twelve Steps and the program of Sexaholics Anonymous work when you work it.