Sexaholics Anonymous Conventions Help My Sex Addiction Recovery

When I first read in the White Book that I would make friends in the programme of Sexaholics Anonymous, I thought the idea was a bit far-fetched. As time has gone on however, I have in fact made quite a few really good friends in SA. I enjoy talking with other members and meeting them in person. I will soon be going to Wales to participate in another SA member’s workshop, and I find myself thinking that I can't wait to meet again with many of my SA friends whom I’ve met before. I also love meeting members at conventions whom previously I’ve only spoken with by telephone. For me, conventions can be inconvenient and quite expensive--but they are well worth it. I have never regretted going to a Sexaholics Anonymous convention. At first, I couldn't stay sexually sober for more than a few weeks. But since I started attending conventions, my sexual addiction recovery has got much better. There might be other reasons for this change, but I believe that meeting other SA members is a crucial contribution to my recovery.