Sexaholics and Internet Access

I encourage my SA fellows who cannot stay sober to use Internet filters for a time in order to get sober.  Sometimes the idea of  "I am looking for a technical solution for a heart problem" sounds wrong, but often a technical solution for a newcomer is a good thing, so that he can have time to work on his program, get his heart changed, and recover from lust.  As for me, I did  not have Internet access in my home for the first 1.5 years of my sobriety. My Internet access had to go because I had been going deeper and deeper into the dark depths of illegal porn.  I could never have imagined that I would have the Internet again at any time, but by the grace of God I’ve had it again now--after 5.5  years--without any filter. And one day at a time I have not been tempted. I also have not willfully clicked on any wrong image in these years.  

In my sexaholism, I was like a person who is hooked on playing Russian Roulette and cannot stop. So, in helping others,  it would be common sense and love for me to get the gun out of the newcomer’s reach until he has worked a bit of his program--and not until the compulsive need to put the gun to his head is gone. And if for some reason some members cannot have the Internet at all--even after several years of sobriety--I will not judge their programs, thinking that  what works for me works for everybody,  and that I know better than others’ Higher Powers. Anything is better than relapsing. I still cannot walk in red light districts, I cannot be on beaches in the summer, I cannot have a television in my house, I cannot look into glossy magazines, etc. Does that make my recovery less? I don't think so, I think it is a matter of finding a personal solution to each of our personal problems.