Sex Addiction Recovery Insights

"Even the chief architect, standing in the ruins of his dream, could laugh at himself--and that is the very acme of humility.” (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Tradition Four). Today, as a member of Sexaholics Anonymous,  I will take a moment and look at something I did, and I will look for humor, humanity, and humility in it. I make mistakes, and makes me human. Some of my mistakes are pretty silly. I'm not perfect and never will be, but that's just fine. “God, please help me to accept myself with love and good cheer. Help me to dare greatly, to fall gracefully, to and stand back up laughing leaning on You. Thank you for joining me in the Sunshine of the Spirit for one more day!”


"It's not what they're doing to you, it's just what they are doing." I'm self-centered in the extreme. No matter what's going on I think I'm the center of attention. When someone does something that bothers me, my first thought is that they're doing it to ME, specifically. They're talking about me. They're cutting me off to hurt me. “God, help me to take myself out of the picture, to see that other people do things for their own reasons that have nothing to do with me. Release me from resentment today and help me to accept that I'm not the reason for others’ behaviors. Inspire me to do my own inventory and no one else’s. I hope to trudge with You on the path of happy destiny today!”


Part of my disease of sexaholism is an inability to see my own limitations. This results in me not being able to recognize when I have a problem that I can't fix. I end up blaming others and justifying my actions because my brain doesn't want to accept the reality of the situation. My false pride stops me from recognizing my real problem: lack of power. “God, help me set aside false pride; open me up to the willingness to accept that I am not the answer to my problems. Today, guide me away from blaming and help me turn to You and my fellows for help in whatever I'm having trouble with. Thank you for joining me in another on the path of progress!”