Serotonin deficiency

In Type 2 alcoholics, there is a specific chemical problem within the brain. Adolescent alcoholics have a major failure in their serotonin re-uptake system. So they are functioning as serotonin depleted individuals at all times. There are other brain chemistry problems too, which are yet to be uncovered.

So why not just prescribe SSRI drugs? These should work well but actually they don’t. However, one drug does work: Ondansetron - used over many years for treating nausea in emergency rooms. It is beneficial for Type 2 adolescent alcoholics and drug addicts but this is seldom reported in addiction literature, except in that associated with Cloninger.  Nobody seems to have paid much attention to Ondansetron, except for that highly creditable genius. Good results have occurred from using it. I know it works but I don’t know why it works in adolescent alcoholism. I don't think anyone else knows either.