From Selfishness to Unselfishness

Selfishness, Self-centredness, that we think is the root of our problems

Ah yes, selfishness and self-centeredness are always so natural just to slip into. For me, those two traits fit like a perfect and comfortable glove--but they have done a whole lot of damage to others and me. Working the Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous got me started on reversing those "deadly traits." Stopping acting out and letting go of lust allowed me to start looking at that deadly duo in a way I never could if I was still getting high on lust. They showed up in every Step Four inventory, and they are always hanging around to offer me some more "comfort" when I'm disturbed by what is happening in the world around me.

Instead of just accepting the things that I cannot change, selfishness and self-centeredness tell me that the world should function precisely as I see fit. Why must I "suffer" at the hands of others? Don't I deserve to be left alone to do as I please, without others getting in my way? Aren't my plans and needs so terribly important?

I Thank God for Sexaholics Anonymous

Me, my, and I--it's all about me! When things don’t t go my way, then I deserve to be resentful at others, at the world, and at God. No wonder I spent so many years acting out in my lust! All that pent up selfishness, self-centeredness, and resentment towards others had to find an outlet. And taking care of my "needs" was the way I could do it.Thank God there has been progress!  I have changed--or really I should say that I have  surrendered to the changes that God is trying to make in me. But none of this would have happened without me working the Steps under the direction of an SA sponsor, so that I would be able to  have a "spiritual awakening" with God. Then I could begin to hear a different voice than my own selfishness--a voice that if followed leads me to spiritual life instead of spiritual death. Thank God for Sexaholics Anonymous!

Sexually Sober Since 2009

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