Sobriety:    1 year                     Term: 6 months

  • Arrive promptly one hour before the meeting begins and open up the venue.
  • The Secretary is responsible for the smooth running of the meeting. Guidelines for running the meeting are in the Secretary’s folder. You have been elected to this position, which means that the GSC and the Group have given you authority to make decisions. They will back you up.

Your other responsibilities are:

  • Displaying the Slogans.
  • Checking that all clocks show the same time.
  • Covering the Top table* with a table cloth.
  • Putting out bowls for the 7th Tradition collection.
  • Displaying Serenity Prayer Card.
  • Placing the bell where you can reach it easily.

* 4 tables are used for different purposes at Group meetings: Top table (at which the Secretary and main sharer sit); Literature table (for the sale of SA approved literature); Loan table (for Essay and other items available on loan); Group table (for Group, IG and Region reports, minutes, etc.).

  • Check and update weekly the Group's sponsorship list with sponsors. Note this in the Secretary's diary.
  • Introduce yourself to visitors and to sharers. Note their details in the Secretary's diary. Explain the meeting format and the sharing boundaries to all sharers. For example, "You will have 20 minutes to share...Please finish when I pass you this card..."
  • Choose people to read the SA Purpose, What is a sexaholic and what is sexual sobriety, etc.. Note who reads what in the Secretary's diary. This will help you to avoid choosing certain readers too often.
  • Alert the Tea makers 10 minutes before the meeting begins, so that they can close the kitchen. Inform everyone else when there are 5 minutes remaining.
  • Start the meeting at [Time] by ringing the bell and introducing yourself.
  • While the readings are being read, count the number in attendance and note this in the Secretary's diary. Calculate how much time will be available per person for sharing from the floor.
  • Introduce the speaker and keep an eye on the time. Show the "2 minutes left" card and, if necessary the "Please stop now" card.
  • Open the meeting for general sharing. If people exceed their allotted time ring the bell.
  • A list of suggested interventions is in front of you. For example,"May I remind the group to keep disruptions to a minimum.." Use these as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Group.
  • End the sharing promptly at [Time]. Introduce those officers who have informed you that they have announcements to make to the Group.
  • End the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.
  • If anyone approaches you for temporary sponsorship, refer to your list of temporary sponsors and make the necessary introductions.
  • Check the venue is clean, tidy and secure. Check all lights are off. Lock the venue.
  • Before a GSC meeting, ask all those who have service commitments how their commitment is going. Make sure you have the average attendance worked out and prepare a report for the GSC.