Scrolls Person

Sobriety: 6 months                 Term: 6 months

  • Arrive promptly one hour before the meeting begins.
  • Place the scroll stands on either side of the Top table* and against the wall behind. Make sure the poles are securely fixed into their metal bases.
  • Each scroll has a chain so it can hang from its stand. Attach the chain to the hook while the scroll is still rolled up. Then unroll it. Take care not to drag the bottom of the scrolls on the floor.
  • When facing the Top table*, the scroll with the 12 Steps is hung on the stand to the left and the 12 Traditions Scroll on the stand to the right.
  • Check that the scrolls are hanging level and straight.
  • At the end of the meeting, roll up each scroll from the bottom with the text on the inside. Then unhook it from its stand. This prevents the scrolls from dragging on the floor. Scrolls are then stored in their tube.
  • Take the scrolls with you at the end of the meeting.