SA White Book PDF

Can I download or keep an electronic copy of the SA White Book PDF?

The sort answer is No. Please destroy any copies of the SA White Book PDF you may have.

The following letter explains the situation very clearly. Though written in 2012, the situation has not changed.

Electronic copies of the SA White Book PDF are still illegal and violate the copyright.


Feb 9, 2012

Dear General Delegate Assembly Members,

We have received requests to check different websites that offer free pdf downloads of the SA White Book and sell SA literature other than SA online and SA Publications. One has requested to keep it on their website after we requested they take if off. These websites have been asked to cease and desist in violating the copyright of materials.

We appreciate you and thank those of you who have brought many of these sites to our attention.

Sexaholics Anonymous does not have the copyright for any of the material from SA Publications. The SA Permission Committee has been authorized by the copyright holder to pursue such action as may be necessary in order to protect the copyright of the book Sexaholics Anonymous and all SA Publications. Placing the text of this book online in .pdf, .html, or any other format for others to download at will has not been authorized by the copyright holder. It has been discovered that the copyright has been, and is being, violated.

ALL links offering Sexaholics Anonymous White Book is in violation of the copyright and direct all that downloaded Sexaholics Anonymous to delete it and to refrain from further copying or distributing it.

We need your help in requesting all members of Sexaholics Anonymous cease and desist in offering or using all of SA Publications and SAICO literature in pdf or any electronic forms. This includes what members of the fellowship already have. We suggest that all SA members cease and desist further downloads and use of all SA Publications and SA online store

Thank you again for your service to lust recovery.

We request that you carry this message to your regions and the leaders in stopping these violations.

Thank you for your service and may God continue to bless you and the SA fellowship.


Sexaholics Anonymous Permission Committee

Chair, SA Delegate Assembly

Chair, SA Board of Trustees

Chair, SA Literature Committee


As the above text says, this counts for ALL SA literature. Any electronic SA literature online or downloaded in the past which one possesses is illegal.

The first two legal e-books are Members Stories and Practical Recovery Tools. Both can be bought via SA's World Website