SA Geek Camp 2017

An Innovative Worldwide Virtual SA Convention

 SA Geek Camp Carrying The Message Worldwide

SA Geek Camp is a new recovery initiative

Beginning on 23rd August 2017 at 09:00 UTC*

Ending on 24th August 2017 at 09:00 UTC 


    *See what time Geek Camp begins in your country.  

     Days until Geek Camp begins


SA Geek Camp - Vision

   A part physical, part virtual camp where, for a whole day, SA members from all over the world connect and collaborate via the internet to carry the message to the still suffering sexaholic.

SA Geek Camp - Purpose

To carry the message to the still suffering lust addict by the appropriate use of information technology (IT).

SA Geek Camp - Content and Activities

Imagine a channel television station broadcasting on three channels

  • Channel A has a continuous series of one hour panel discussions on 24 different topics related to carrying the SA message using information technology. The panels will comprise SA members who are experienced in their given topic. These discussions will be streamed live over the internet, where they can be accessed only by SA members or guests who have received the necessary URL.
  • Channel B features a continuous series of 24 one hour workshops where participants are guided by experienced facilitators to undertake activities which actually carry the message to still suffering sexaholics there and then.
  • Channel C is an interactive social media channel where SA members from around the world can fellowship together, share expertise, observe each other actually carrying the SA message using IT and encourage each other in doing so.

Click here for a preview of possible Geek Panel Topics and Workshop Activities.

SA Geek Camp - Schedule

This is being prepared now and will be published here shortly.

Participate in Geek Camp

There are opportunities to participate both in the preparations and in the Camp itself.

Let us know how you'd like to be involved in Geek Camp

Contact the Geek Camp Organizing Team here