12 Stepper's Inventory

For our Programme, honesty, open-mindedness and willingness are indispensable. The good is often the enemy of the best, so for us, only the best will do. How fit and ready are we for 12th Step work?

  1. Have I had a true spiritual awakening, spiritual experience or psychic change as the result of thoroughly working the SA Programme?
  2. Am I am learning to live by the 12 Steps in order to fit myself to be of maximum service to God and those people that He places in my life?
  3. Do I live by this saying? “When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of SA always to be there and for that I am responsible?”
  4. If given the opportunity to help a sexaholic, am I willing to go anywhere, anytime?  If I am unable to go, do I make certain that another person will?
  5. Do I understand that I am ensuring my own sobriety by taking advantage of every opportunity that I am given to work with newcomers? 
  6. Am I one of those who might try to help someone, as long as it isn’t inconvenient?
  7. When given the opportunity to help someone, do I use it to boost to my own ego or do I realize that I am accepting responsibility for a sexaholic’s life?
  8. Do I know how to determine if a prospect fully understands the seriousness of sexaholism and if they have complete willingness to go to any lengths to survive?
  9. Do I understand my responsibility to guide those who seek my help to embrace and live by the SA Programme?
  10. Do I insist that they also search for those whom they can help; that it is their responsibility to try to help others as I have tried to help them?
  11. Do I help them to understand that through living our Programme they will have a solution to all their problems; that I do not have answers for them?
  12. Do I really believe that my longevity in sobriety is dependent on my constant willingness to try to help others?
  13. Do I check whether my prospect is an agnostic or atheist before speaking about God or spirituality? Do I give them cause to not want what our Programme promises?
  14. Do I understand the importance of getting a prospect to take the 12 Steps as soon a possible and as quickly as possible?
  15. If the prospect lacks the complete willingness to follow directions, am I willing to suggest that they may not have a problem, so there is no reason to invest any more time in trying to help them?  Remember that lust is the great persuader.
  16. Do I really hold my protégés accountable or do I enable them by accepting their excuses?
  17. If someone suggests one of my protégés might be off the Path, do I try to defend them or do I listen and then see if the person I am responsible for might benefit from learning where they might be falling short?