SA Daily Meditation Book Project

A Daily Meditation Book for SA is in the process of preparation. Hundreds of draft meditations have been written, some but not all of which will be included in the final book.

SA's Literature Committee has invited members to review the draft meditations and provide feedback. If you wish, please use the comments box below to register your views. 

We are encouraged to read each meditation several times: 

  • On the first pass, read for impact. Make some notes about your initial impressions and record them.
  • On your second reading, please read for content. Does it ring true for you? Does it have heart? Please record those impressions.
  • Try reading it aloud. Pretend you have an audience, that you are sharing it with your group, or ask another member to listen.
  • Would you use this meditation in a meeting?
  • Do any passages sound awkward?
  • Have you spotted any errors in spelling and syntax? Please make a note of them.
  • Is your overall feeling to accept or to reject each individual meditation for inclusion in the Meditation Book?

Your comments are very much appreciated. Thank you for your service.

Other mediatations will be added shortly. Please come back soon.

All materials are copyright Sexaholics Anonymous Inc.