Planning an Open Public Information Meeting

NOTE: These guidelines, which have been used successfully in the USA, should be decided and agreed upon by both fellowships in light of the current local circumstances.

Start planning 6 months beforehand

• Choose a combined SA/SAnon committee with co-chairpersons from each fellowship

• Set sobriety requirements for both committee members and speakers

Choose an SA speaker and an S-Anon speaker

• Comfortable length of sobriety (within your guidelines) and approval of his/her sponsor

• 20-30 minute lead each (should be pre-read and pre-approved by someone)

• Format should be “What it was like (before Programme), what happened, what it’s like now (in Programme)” 

• Someone (sponsor or friend) to say a few words of introduction for each speaker

• You will want to appoint a “timer” who can notify the speaker at 10, 5, and 2 minutes to end time.

Find a location, reserve a date and time

• Someplace easily accessible and free to use (hospitals and churches)

• Weekends (including Friday night) are often best for both room availability and audience availability

• Has enough seating capacity (we have seen 25-75 / make your own estimate)

• Allow 60-90 minutes for program; additional time for fellowship and refreshments

• Allows for privacy (has doors that can be closed if you wish)

• You may need welcome/directional signs posted near meeting location

Refreshments and fellowship

• If possible, light refreshments should be offered (cookies, coffee, softdrinks/water)

• Can be made available before, during or after meeting, but the snacks encourage fellowship, so make sure to allow time before or after for this.

• Usually a small amount of snacks may be purchased, but attendees are requested to bring some themselves to support the effort. Someone should be appointed to coordinate.

• Costs of refreshments should be subtracted from 7th

Publicity / intended audience

• This meeting is open to the public, but the intended audience is

a) someone interested in either Programme, who may be afraid to go to a regular meeting

b) anyone who knows someone who they think may need either Programme

c) religious or medical professionals who may have reason to recommend a Programme

• Create a flyer; distribute at every possible SA or SAnon meeting for at least 3 months beforehand

• Try to obtain a list of health professionals and religious leaders in the area and invite them. Use their respective professional organizations to help you get names and emails.

• Encourage all SAs and SAnons to personally invite any health or religious professionals they know

Literature and temporary sponsors

• Make sure that someone sets up a table with both SA and SAnon literature available for sale

• Make sure that free copies of meeting schedules are available for both fellowships

• Before or during the event, try to arrange for at least 2 people in each fellowship to offer themselves as “temporary sponsors” to be identified during the event. This allows newcomers to approach and connect with a Programme person immediately before leaving.

Remember this is Higher Power’s event, not yours, so use The Traditions in all decisions and you will have a wonderful, spiritual event. Good luck and God bless you!