Pigs Can Fly

As an early recruit to the FPSA (Flying Piggies School of Aviation), also known as the Flying Piggies SA Whatsapp Group, I have keenly observed its development. At first, we were all aloft on Higher-Powered wings and crash landings were virtually unheard of. But later we witnessed some spectacular crashes. Indeed, some Piggies now seem to be more expert at crashing than at flying, and they spend a fair bit of time on-air, sharing this-not-so-desireable expertise.

If this downward trend were to continue, we might have to change our name to the “Crashing Piggies,” though I suspect that I would have moved to another flying school long before then.  Here’s the point: I joined this club because I wanted to be an ace flyer - encouraging, and being encouraged by other ace flyers. I did not join it in order to become more familiar with crashing nor to become a rescuer of crashed piggies. (My wings don't have the power in any case).

If we are to remain a "Flying Club" and not become a "Crashing Club," then we need to keep the focus exclusively on flying and give maximum air time to our flying aces. In support of this, I'm going to suggest a new club tradition: that crashed piggies maintain total radio silence until they have been flying successfully for 72 hours and are (hopefully) ready to talk about the joys of flying again, rather than the misery of crashing.