Overcoming Temptations Through Sexaholics Anonymous

Two things, passed on by my sponsor, help me face to my temptations. Both of them involve surrender:

1. In that initial moment of a temptation to lust, I bring my Higher Power into the picture. I pray:  "Dear God, whatever I'm looking for in this look or this thought, may I find it in You." In that way I make spiritual connection.

2. At the end of the day--or earlier if something is bothering me--I get on my knees and recall any images that are still knocking around in my head (this felt counter-intuitive and dangerous at first, but it actually works!), and I turn them over to my Higher Power. It is a kind of cleansing of old lust material.

Like all action, these actions require willingness. "Without God, I can't; without me, God won't.” Using the tools of the Sexaholics Anonymous, the obsession has been lifted--though temptation is never far away. Today I am grateful for the grace of my Higher Power, the power of the SA program, and the love of the members of SA fellowship.