Overcoming Sexual Temptation Through Sexaholics Anonymous

"If tempted, we recoil from it as from a hot flame" (Alcoholics Anonymous pg. 84).

The simple truth is that I will be tempted. I am powerless over lust, and when difficult things happen, lust is the first refuge my mind seeks. That doesn't mean that I'm not sober; but it's reality. The important thing today is how I respond and what I do when tempted by lust. What helps me is to pray, “God, help me, today, to not take  any actions of lust. Give me the strength to recoil from lust as from a hot flame. WIthout out Your Power I have no defense against lust, so I humbly ask that You guide my steps today to direct them away from lust and towards You. Thank you for bringing me to Sexaholics Anonymous, and for another day in the sunlight of the spirit!”