Open AA

Open AA Meetings can provide opportunities....

Yesterday, in an English-speaking open AA meeting in my city, the reading was on Honesty and Recovery, and everyone shared on that topic. And then suddenly all of the alcoholics were sharing about their issues with sex! I was really nervous and did not know what to say. Usually I just pass at this meeting, but I felt like this was an exceptionally good opportunity to share something about myself. So when it was my turn, I introduced myself (I always just say "Hi my name is J...", without the "and I'm an alcoholic"), and I explained that I don't know yet if I'm an alcoholic, but that I have had some drinking problems, and I’m currently figuring that out. I also shared that the main reason I had come to this open AA meeting was that I had a problem with sex, and that I'm in another Twelve Step program for that (I did not mention Sexaholics Anonymous). I said that my sponsor told me to attend open AA meetings, because they'd be helpful for me in my recovery--since the AA program is the original Twelve Step program. I told them that I could relate to almost everything they share at meetings, because I think it doesn't matter what we use addictively--it's just about the fact that we're using something to fill up what is lacking in ourselves. I ended by talking about how I’ve had problems with pornography all my life, and that this escalated when I cheated on my girlfriend with a prostitute.

For Carrying the Message of Sexaholics Anonymous

After the meeting, a few members came up to me to talk with me, and one guy confided to me that he is a porn addict and that he'd been to SA and another “S”  program.  He said he's in big denial about it, but that if he ever needs to talk to someone about it, he now knows who to call! So that was a really cool experience. I'm grateful that I got the opportunity to share Sexaholics Anonymous with my AA friends, and potentially plant a seed that just might bring more people to SA.

At first I was worried about sharing about SA, because I was quite embarrassed and extremely nervous, but now I'm grateful that my Higher Power gave me the strength to do it. In the future, I will still mostly pass on sharing at open AA meetings or limit the conversation solely to problems I've had with alcohol, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to share the message of Sexaholics Anonymous in this meeting, because now the people in my AA group know me better. I also feel more at home there because I don't feel like the "outcast" anymore. Thanks to my Higher Power who led me to share and gave me the courage to do it.

AA literature approved for use in SA