Only My Higher Power Can Help Me Overcome Lust Addiction

I remember early on trying to Google a solution to help me overcome my sex addiction. One suggestion I found was to put aside a small amount of money for every day I stay sexually sober. Then I make a deal with myself that if I lose my sobriety, I will give the money to charity. But if I stay sober for a year or so, then I can buy something I want with the money.  If the year had gone by and I stayed sober, perhaps I could have bought myself something nice without even spending time on Step work, attending meetings, or making calls. Such a great idea, right?  Not for me. I did not even try this. This idea might work for a moderate lust drinker, who can stop or moderate his or her own behavior if he or she has a good reason. But I am not a moderate drinker. I once agreed with my then-girlfriend that we would split up if I acted out again. Following the advice of a priest, we cancelled the arrangement, but I know for sure that I would have acted out again. My lust does not give a crap about consequences. My only hope for sexual sobriety is to turn to a Power greater than myself.