No Quick Fix for Feelings in Sex Addiction Recovery

I have always wanted instant healing from my sexaholism but recovery takes time - one day at a time. I have to remember not to give up before the miracle happens. I have to let go of expectations and the tyranny of “the shoulds” (meaning that I should be this way or I should be that way).

So I can't force it but I can practice awareness. When I feel something but don't really know what I’m feeling, I try to stop and become aware of what's going on with me.

I continue to be powerless, so observing my spiritual and emotional state has become a life task. If my spiritual and emotional condition dips, it's my responsibility to take remedial action.

Some of my emotions may be inappropriate because they are simply caused by my unreasonable demands on God, myself or others. Cleaning house of resentments, fears and guilts really helps