Newcomer Officer

Sobriety: 1 year                        Term: 6 months

  • Call [local treatment centre] every [Wednesday] at [5 pm] to ask the duty manager if any of their clients would be interested in attending a meeting of Sexaholics Anonymous that evening.
  • Call [local treatment centre] again at [6:30 pm] to see whether they have found anyone who wishes to attend the meeting.
  • Arrange to collect any clients from [the treatment centre] at [6:45 p.m] and bring them to the meeting.
  • Arrange to drop off the clients to [the treatment centre] directly after the meeting.
  • Plan to attend another SA meeting during the week.
  • Inform the Secretary that you have an announcement to make at the end of the meeting.
  • Make an announcement as follows:​
    • "I’m -----, and I’m newcomer officer for the Group.  I shall be attending the (meeting) at (venue) on (date/time).  Anyone interested can see me after the meeting or meet me at (location/time). Thank you."
  • Obtain the numbers of all newcomers who attend our Home Group meetings. Call or text to remind them which meeting you will be attending during the week and where they can rendezvous with you, should they need a lift.
  • Attend the other SA meeting, as announced.