A New Way of Living in Sexaholics Anonymous

I could really relate to a member of SA who shared that he was able to resist lust just for so long, and then inevitably he would act out again. That describes what it was like for me at first--and that’s partly how I know that I'm sex addict. Before SA I could not resist acting out even when I wanted to resist. But thank God, I do not have to stay that way today. Through SA I learned that surrendering to God (instead of resisting by my own effort) is the key to staying sober, without the inevitable build up and failure. I have found a way to freedom, and working the Steps with a sponsor was the way I learned what surrender really means.  

Working the Steps brought me into a right relationship with God and others. There really is hope in the SA program, but it only seemed to happen for me when I was honestly ready to give up my own way of living and turn my will over to God.