New to Sexaholics Anonymous? - Newcomer Questions

What's in Sexaholics Anonymous for me?   A proven, reliable solution for lust addiction and sexual compulsivity. If you really want to stop contact us today.

Do I have to pay?   No. There are no dues or fees for SA membership. We "pass the hat" at meetings to pay for our running costs and to help Sexaholics Anonymous to carry the message to lust addicts who still suffer.

Is Sexaholics Anonymous a religion?   Certainly not. We do have a spiritual tool kit to offer you but do not require that you believe anything.

Do I have to believe in God?   No. Most of us come to believe in a power greater than ourselves but even this is not a requirement for membership.

What happens at meetings?   We drink tea and chat with each other before the meeting starts. We begin with a short preamble and some readings from SA literature. Then we share our experience, strength and hope with each other for about an hour. Finally, we close with a short prayer. Afterwards, many of us go somewhere for refreshments and to enjoy some fellowship.

Can I listen to an SA talk?   Sure. There are some good ones here.

What should I do next?   Just contact us. We'll do the rest.

What is EMER?   EMER stands for Europe and Middle-East Region, we are a service body which assists the growth and organization of Sexaholics Anonymous in this region. Our sole purpose is to help carry the message to sexaholics who still suffer. We maintain a list of all the Sexaholics Anonymous meetings in our region.