A New Life

The SA Program of Recovery is a New Way of Life

I recently returned home from two months of traveling and living my life in another country. One of the hardest parts of those two months of travel was the disruption to my "standard practice" of actions related to my Sexaholics Anonymous program of recovery. I know that disruptions will happen. That's life, and sometimes life gets interrupted, even sometimes for a very good reason. But I do find that the habitual practices that I have learned through working the Twelve Steps of Sexaholics Anonymous (and trying to practice those principles in all of  my affairs) has certainly had quite a positive result in my life. So now, I can really feel the void whenever I experience an ongoing disruption to my regular program practices -- particularly in the area of my conscious connection with God. 
Another area of growth that I have been working on lately is resentment. I have been reading and discussing a book about being "unoffendable" with one of my Sexaholics Anonymous friends. This is definitely an area of weakness for both of us. I was confronted by my resentfulness when I was first working the Twelve Steps with my sponsor. This was something I had not been able to see before I came to SA, because I could not admit this defect while I was still acting out and using my drug of lust. So today, in order to "practice these principles in all my affairs," I regularly admit my resentfulness and surrender it to God. And I have found that just as it has been with lust, so it has been that resentment only gives way to the practice of surrender.
The SA program of recovery is really a new way of life for me, and practicing the principles in all my affairs--one day at a time--helps keep it new!